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A blog called Puzzle-Mania

Do you know this feeling when you open a brand new jigsaw puzzle box? A mix of excitement about a new challenge combined with doubt. Will I be able to do it? Why do I even do it? I must admit that I feel all this right now while writing this entry, because I know these words are a beginning of something new. I want to welcome you to the blog about… puzzles! It is a very special place and let me tell you, why.

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TOP 10 new arrivals - June 2021

It is hot outside and the days are getting longer. It should therefore not be surprising that June is the time when we usually observe slightly less activity of PuzzleManiacs and less new products appearing in stores. Less does not mean PuzzleMania is lazy. There are some new arrivals on stock that may interest lovers of paintings, The Witcher or funny pictures. In a sentence - something good for everyone ...

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The top 10 biggest puzzle in the world

Breaking records fascinates us. Sometimes I have the impression that it doesn't matter what the record is. Most hot dogs eaten in an hour. The longest expansion of Pi composed by persons. Most of the bottles with the cap opened with forehead. These are just some of the records we can read about on the Internet. Puzzler lovers are also no strangers to breaking records.

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