Puzzle Maniacs on the Web: Internet Forums

One may think that there are not many hobby online stores or YouTube channels strictly devoted to jigsaw puzzle lovers. It doesn’t seem to be as popular as, for example, board games. Nevertheless, on the Internet you can still find places where every Puzzle Maniac can feel like a child in a sweet shop.

With this entry, I would like to start a series related to the world of puzzle maniacs on the Internet. And first, I would like to show you a special place for me – puzzleforum.pl

Once upon a time..

At the beginning of 2012, Internet forums were very popular but Poland lacked an online place dedicated specifically to jigsaw puzzle lovers.

One day, complaining about this inconvenience on the forum of one of the online bookstores, two puzzle maniac agreed to create such space. None of them was an IT specialist, a webmaster, had no experience in administering this type of website. But either way, they decided to try, and PuzzleForum.pl has been launched in 2012.

One of this enthusiast was Marcin S. Puzzler, the second one was me. Each one of us took care of different part of this project which helps us run the forum well to this day.

Puzzle forum

The magic of "outdated" places

Since the beginning of Facebook and Instagram, people do not find traditional Internet forum very attractive anymore. And yet, from the puzzle lovers' point of view, the forum has its advantages.

When you visit the website or even create your own account, you will see that PuzzleForum.pl has been divided into several sections. One of the most popular is definitely ‘My albums’.

Every user can get an access to his personal album, which is a form of a sub-forum. He can publish entries about his experience with jigsaw puzzle. The form of such album is up to the owner, whether he wants to post his work-in-progress or complete puzzle pictures, sort them by years or by themes. The difference between this forum and Facebook group is that you can have all your work organized and very easy to find. You can follow other users’ posts, comment their work and make new friends.


The forum is not only about albums, it is also a number of other discussions about manufacturers, news, shops and everything related to jigsaw puzzles.

Puzzle Maniacs are not loners

PuzzleForum.pl proves that puzzle maniacs are not always introverts looking for a solitary entertainment. Being a part of our community you will feel the need to share your passion (or maybe even frustration) with others. Many of us want to share experience and knowledge, they look for opinion and even appreciation. They want to feel like they belong.

Unsplash Tyler Lastovich

Having the account on PuzzleForum.pl is free. So if you want to be a part of our family and see what everybody is currently working on, you are more than welcome. Remember that you can always start a new topic.

Not only PuzzleForum.pl

There are many international jigsaw puzzle forums on the Internet. If you are familiar with foreign languages you can check https://puzzle-forum.de/, http://www.puzzleando.com/index.php, https://puzzleforum.forumcommunity.net/.


Internet Forums are not the only places to visit during a break in doing jigsaw. I will tell you what I mean in the nearest future. And I would like to ask you by the way, what reactions you have encountered from people who don’t do the puzzle when talking about your passion? How do they see us? Have you heard some stereotypes about puzzle maniacs? Please share your experience in the comment section of fanpage PuzzleMania.eu.