News Overview: August 2021

It’s amazing how a season can affect our hobbies. The warmest months of the year are usually a big slowdown in the activity of Puzzle Maniacs, and also a time when there are not many new arrivals in the jigsaw puzzle world. I guess we all need some time off. store got only 60 new items in July. In August, there were twice as many which means the season for jigsaw is about to start.

The most interesting news – August 2021

August has brought 156 new items, most of which are by Masterpieces (70 items). We’ve also got BlueBird (3), Clementoni (7), Dino (1), Eurographics (38), Grafika (2), Heye (9), Jumbo (2), Nathan (22), Trefl (3). Both children and adults, fans of Harry Potter and lovers of classical painting will find their favourite patterns. There are a lot of different themes as well as different sizes, e.g. 3,000 piece puzzles by Bluebird.

At first I wanted to create another Top 10 but then I figured I will choose what had actually caught my eye. Of course there are many other items worth noticing.

Tree of Life Tapestry. Eurographics. 1,000 piece puzzle

This is it. This is the absolute wow effect of August. The picture is quite difficult to complete but the final result must be amazing. It’s colourful, but not exaggerated. It’s not an ‘impossible puzzle’, but definitely one where a lot is happening and certainly one that delights.

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Tree of Life. Eurographics. 1,000 piece puzzle

Let mi introduce you another tree pattern by Eurographics. You will definitely want to study thoroughly every element of the picture because it is both educational and fun. And it is 1,000 piece puzzle so the overall pleasure of doing this jigsaw is certain.

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Titanic. White Star Line. Masterpieces. 1,000 piece puzzle

In my opinion the offer of Masterpieces is very…American. Maybe even too colourful for my taste. What has come to my attention is that we have 4 items with Titanic theme. Whatever has inspired Masterpieces to launch this series is not connected with any anniversary related to the sinking of the ship. I chose the best picture of the four, and I’m sure many of you will soon hang it on your walls like an old poster.

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Paradise. In Summer. Heye. 1,000 piece puzzle

Humorous jigsaw by Heye always equals fun. Whether it is a picture by Jan van Haasteren or by Michael Ryba it has its own unique style and amazing dose of humour. Depicted scenes are full of action, and assembling them allows you to constantly discover something that you didn't notice when you looked at the box. Ryba proves that paradise can be surprising, and it’s certainly not boring. Look for some other humorous pictures in our news section.

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Disney Classics. Clementoni. 3x48 piece puzzle

I must say I am surprised with my own choice here. But when I looked at the box and saw a picture showing a scene from my beloved fable, Robin Hood, I couldn’t help myself. It’s been a sentimental journey through the best drawn Disney fairy tales, including Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. Maybe I’m a bit old school now, but today’s fairy tales are less fairy-tale.. Does that make sense to you? Anyway, this jigsaw puzzle box is perfect for the little ones. And it can also be a good excuse to maybe watch some Disney together..

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Well Stocked Shelves. Masterpieces. 2,000 piece puzzle

Masterpieces gives us another American story – a collector’s dream. Shelves full of locomotives, who wouldn’t want that? I believe there are a lot of grown-ups who still keep toy trains hidden somewhere in the attic. You can easily find online shops with models of locomotives and carriages, but considering their price it is definitely a hobby for "big boys". So is this jigsaw, as it has 2,000 elements.

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As I’ve mentioned before the list is opened. You can check all of July’s new arrivals on Meanwhile, Autumn is coming. The evenings are getting longer and this is perfect for spending time with puzzles. It is also a great moment to buy something new and expand one’s collection. Have fun doing jigsaw folks!